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Finding your own path to your Higher Self through your Spiritual Journey. 

My readings, courses and coaching services are created to help you and encouraging you to move in a positive direction, to guide you to find the answers and the best solutions possible, and  to provide you with the correct knowledge you require to achieve your goals. When you schedule any type of reading with me, you will receive a detailed and highly accurate reading that will cover those important aspects of your life that concern you. And through my courses and coaching, I will help you connect with the most important part of yourself which is your "Higher Self", discovering your own abilities and learning how to work with them in your own pace. 

Through my experiences as a Psychic Medium, Spiritual Counselor, Paranormal Investigations, Webinars with different Psychic Mediums, each one of my Readings, Psychic Events around US, etc..., I'm been able to not just keep growing as a Spiritual person, even more, as a individual person having more access to information in all different kinds of ways. As you can see, we are going to be learning in all aspects of this journey and gaining the knowledge and information that our souls are craving. In each post, in every blog, in every video, class or tutorial, you would have access to live and experience with me, each step of the journey. Be part of this amazing Tribe here in Malu Spiritual Place, where the Spiritual Journey begins. Thank you for reading my articles and for the opportunity to be your guide, your teacher and to allow me to be the one who helps you connect yourself with who you really are. This is my life, my greatest passion and I only hope to teach and inspire you!

 Thank you Malu Readings. I had a live reading with Malu tonight and my son Josh came through clearly. She gave us many validations and an opportunity to find the peace we have been seeking. She totally had my son's personality spot on.

Tammy Krystia 

15 Sept 2018

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