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Aug 3, 2024 - Oct 26, 2024

Magical Beings Mentorship

  • 85Days
  • 26Steps
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Embark on a mystical journey with our Magical Beings Mentorship program at Malu Spiritual Place. Discover the secrets of magic, rituals, spirits, alchemy, and paranormal experiences. Learn to use divination tools, harness the power of herbs, and unlock your spiritual potential under the guidance of our experienced mentors. Unveil the extraordinary world that lies beyond the ordinary and embrace the magic within you. What you would learn: Different types of Magical Beings and Creatures How to know which one you are What it is Magic and how to access it within you Alchemy and Alkestry differences and how to use them Different divination tools as Basic Astrology, Palmistry, How to work with candles and create rituals How to do baths and different types of cleansing Working with the elements And so much more.... For more information you can go to the Pricing Plans to know all the information this program include

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Magical Beings Mentorship

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Magical Beings Mentorship

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