Tools for a better You!

I offer a variety of Life Coaching services that will nurture and grow your spirit, help you overcome personal challenges, allowing you to achieve your individual life goals. Through my different services as One-One Sessions, Programs and Courses you will get the different tools that will help you follow your call, find your passion and attract the abundance you are looking for.  I cater to each of my Tribe Members personal needs in order to unlock their full potential. Contact me to start your own Journey today.

The best Journey is the one we create for ourselves. When You allow yourself to receive the help from Malu Readings as a  Life Coach, you will not just get insights from day to day things, you will receive insights in a deeper intuitive level as well. Through any of the services you will know more about yourself, feel better, trust in yourself more, decrease your stress level and so much more. 

Here in Malu Spiritual Place we will unlock your own natural gifts, you will have the control and your own power back to make better life choices, understand more the reasons of why and other questions you may have.   Give yourself the opportunity to work with me and you will be able to:

  • Know and connect with your true calling

  • Learn new ways to deal with difficult people and situations

  • Make balanced, focused decisions and life plans

  • Unlock your natural gifts to reach personal and professional goals

  • Get the results you are looking for, having a more stronger sense of life purpose.

  • Bring your dreams into reality

  • Learn and Develop your Intuition that will provide you the validations you need.

  • Make graceful and peaceful Spiritual life transitions in all aspects of your life. 



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