ESP (Extra Sensorial Perception) Part 1

I know most of you if not all of you, have already acquired knowledge and have known the subject. But for those who do not, here is a brief explanation of what is ESP, the correct names of the times or psychic experiences, as some call it, how these skills are manifested and what they are.

As you all see in here, I just want to give some information so that you can have it head on and a easier access to it. The internet is full of great information and sometimes finding the right one is not that easy, so I just want to help a little bit. I always advise to look for yourself and evaluate the information and verify if it is truthful; but at least here you will have something at your hands when need to look for reference. We begin by explaining what is the ESP. PES are the initials in Spanish for Extrasensory Perception, people who are able to manifest any sign of this gifts or talents more commonly are called psychics. Under the technical definition of ESP is when you can get information about a person, situation or circumstance beyond the known or physical senses, but also through some communication, it can be telepathically among other ways that are going to be discussed later in the second part . We also have to consider the information we receive can go at different times or moments that I going to explain in this part, but patience. In shorter words or as I see it plain and simple is that the ESP is only the technical name to see, feel, hear, smell, taste or just know things about people, places, etc .. in just one big world and beyond the physical this can be at different times and ways or combination. How you get the information, depends on the ability you are more sensitive or stronger to get or receive it and the best way to provide the information for you to remember, not everyone deals with the information in the same way and is really important both the way and the time. How to deal with all of the information? I will talk about it in another post.

Something that's is important to be clear is that sometimes the information is not receive by any of the gifts/talents, it can be a spirit though one of our faculties/talents, in that case it mean, it is something through the mediumship ability , which is something totally different that I would discuss later.

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