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5 steps to bring us together

Going through all the videos and old writings about things I planned or I already did with you guys I found this beautiful writing.

It is a message that I am pretty sure in some point during the recent years I was able to communicate and pass along to the Soul in here that was meant to and even I am pretty sure I was able to do a video with this message as well, but in case I didn't I am sharing it through this post.

Is a message from those we love from The Other Side. Those that want us to remember them but still life for them and for us in here. Here are the 5 steps to bring us together from their own voice and perspective.

"I know it has been painful for you since I went, and that nothing is the same. Even though I am home and I love to be, I miss you too and for me it is different not being able to have you here, but I am getting there. I am learning as you are learning and I want to let you know that even though I am happy I am more happy being around you, seeing you. I want you to live for me and do the things I will do, I want to live through you and I want you to feel my love and my understanding. I want to support every step you do and be with you. Seeing you crying makes me cry, because I am not there to hug you and for you to feel my hug. But in the same way you are learning, I am too. Just remember how much you help me and how much we grow together, so I want to keep doing that.

There are moments that I am talking to you and you can’t listen because your sorrow or your pain is too much, but I am here. Sometimes I need to feel you but I don’t know how to help you so we can do it. So let me give you what in this side of the equation is good:

  1. Take care of yourself. I know you are tired of people telling you, you need time or you need this or that but it is true. I just need you to take care of yourself. Give yourself the time and permission to smile even just because of a memory of me. I want you to go and do something that illuminates your heart and soul so you can do the same for me and we can be together in spirit. I want you to eat your favorite food, dance to your favorite music. I am happy when you do it even when you do it for me. So please eat well, do the things that give you some serenity but take care of yourself.

  2. Learn. But take time to learn from the heart and not just for me. Learn because it is something that will support you in your journey and to keep you growing and support you later in your path. I am here as your biggest teacher so let me support you. I want you to learn from the heart, because it is good for you and then is good for me and is good for both. I want you to expand your wings and fly because this is what we need. Learn without hurry. I am not going anywhere. I am here to stay by your side and learn together.

  3. Have a purpose. Don’t let my absence be the only reason and purpose you do this. Your purpose should be yours so it can give you strength and motivation to continue fighting even when life and situations are not supporting our communication. We can have a purpose together so we can keep expanding and sharing our love together, but you need to find your own as well. Your purpose of creation as I have mine will guide you to the mission and those small purpose in this journey, I want you to find your purpose of creation so you can know who you are as I know you. Your purpose would give you happiness and joy no matter what is going on. Please let me support you find that purpose, your own one so we can work together towards that.

  4. Listen to yourself. Most of the time you talk to yourself and you give to you the best advice and guidance ever. You need to trust and listen to what you have to say to yourself and what you want to avoid for yourself. When I see you learning and listening to yourself makes me happy because that means you are expanding and growing and soon you would know and talk to yourself about all the things we do here. Because I am with you here.

  5. Love. And this is the most important thing, because it is through love that we can create and do so many things. Is because of Love that we share so many things on Earth and in Spirit. Love yourself first and do Self Love in the proper and correct way. Don’t be afraid, just allow Love to be all around you and from you share it when it is needed. Love conquers all when it is correctly practiced. I trust you, I Love you and I know you Love me too.

I am leaving this message for now but I would be close to you again. Love you more of what you would never know.

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