Amulets and Talismans

Hi I want to talk about the differences between Amulets and Talismans, because I've noticed that both of them tend to confuse most of the people about their purposes and how we can difference and use them effectively.

Let's start with Amulets, they can repel the danger but not necessarily bring luck. They are protective in their actions and can reverse the bad influences to the owner, its traditional purpose is to protect the owner from the evil eye, the "evil eye" as it is known is when someone send negative energies to another person.

On the other hand, Talismans are the ones to bring good luck, it is a pending or special "charm" with the power to bring good luck. Some also act as amulets and can be a collection of small objects but these are rather rare to find and these are known as Mascot.

In my personal preference I love to work with quarts and gems, as both. You always going to see me with them. But my all time Amulet is the Star of David, because not just protect me, it help me to stay connected and give me all the elements that I use to work. Always use what you feel drawn to, is in this way that you guarantee is the best for you, never use or try one that you don't feel connected to because without that connection is not much that your Talisman or Amulet it would do for you.

Here's a list of some of the talismans and/or charms used and a brief description of their uses:

1. Abracadabra: Used by magicians around the world, this is one of the oldest ways and means "blessing speech." Write it on a piece of silk and wear it around your neck will keep diseases out.

2. Stones: Eye-glass beads represent "the all-seeing" deity that alerts you to hazards. These are a few types of crystals that really look like eyes and come in different colors to increase their strength in those areas to use. Example: rose for love, green for money to name a few.

3. Cats: In ancient Egypt it was believed that cats are sacred and represent the moon. Black Cats represented lucky though, some people fear them. Only you will know if a cat Mascot benefit you, so trust your intuition.

4. Currency: It is traditionally silver, but only if the correct currency for you is to work, the humble penny will bring you health and prosperity. It is advisable to have it where you always put money like a purse or pockets to attract money for health if you use it for this purpose then you should carry them in a chain or with you always.

5. Cruces: There are different types:

a) Cross Ankh or key - This is originally from Egypt and symbolizes life and immortality.

b) Cross fretwork or the Cross of St. Benedict - These two crosses send out evil spirits with the message "Get thee behind me devil".

c) Cross Romana: This was a very powerful protective amulet.

d) Cross of St. Andrew's: It is a traditionally powerful amulet sen away bad influences.

e) Cross Tau: This cross have the form of a T is use to protect the owner from diseases such as epilepsy. It is a symbol of eternal life and is also used to keep the spirit safe.

f) Cross of Caravaca: Spiritual Protection, exorcism as a weapon best used in these cases is with the book of powerful tools to fight evil prayers.

6. Dragons: Usually used to enhance peace and happiness, dragons can help the wearer to conquer enemies in battle, you must choose how to use their power.

7. Fish: The symbol of early Christianity that brings wealth and wealth creation and represents fertility.

8. 4-leaf clover or Shamrock: These plants are very lucky, renewing luck in whatever: Money, Games or good luck is said if you find one luck and prosperity is at your fingertips.

9. Toads: The talisman of prosperity, wealth, fertility, health and long life. This Charm must be worn by lovers to ensure happy and blessed with perseverance and ardor mutual relationship.

10. Garmet (clothing): Any piece of clothing can bring the wearer luck, especially in competitive sports.

11. The Hand of Fatima: A powerful amulet, quite popular in the Midwest. This is the hand of blessing and is mainly used in doors or walls of houses to protect all who live in it.

12. Hearts: This is usually used to attract love and joy. At one time it was also used to prevent evil spells that were used against the owner that used them.

13. Horseshoe: The ancient Greeks and Romans used it to attract wealth and happiness to the house. To be effective, the horseshoe must be nailed to the door of the house pointing up.

14. Keys: Used by the Greeks and Romans to bring luck, clairvoyance and improvise sharpen judgment, the keys represent the God Janus the guardian of the gates of heaven and the guardian of all doors. Janus had two heads and was able to look in the future as well at the past. The Japanese use them to bring wealth, love and happiness.

15. Lamb: An emblem of Christianity for redemption, the lamb is born with a cross and a flag and is used as protection against accidents, storms and diseases.

16. Lizards: painted or placed outside the houses, they bring good luck. It also promotes good eyesight and inspires wisdom.

17. Lotus: This brings good luck, and also used in India as an amulet to protect against accidents and illnesses. This flower represents Lakshm goddess of beauty and fortune. The Egyptians saw the lotus as an emblem of the sun, and believed that promoted clarity of thoughts and wisdom.

18. Peacock: The feathers of this bird is said to bring bad luck because the eyes supposedly represent evil eyes. Since the bird itself is luck and represents triumph over death and lasting life.

19. Rabbit's Foot: You are associated with fertility and speed, this lucky charm energizes your fortunes.

20. Seal of Solomon or Star of David (as is known): This symbolizes the fire of the masculine, feminine water, emerging so in harmony. The Crusaders, triangles also represent air and land. The Seal has 6 points and an invisible point representing 7 of spiritual transformation, reflected in the inner eye of the wizard, priestess, priest, visionary, etc ...

21. Scarab: This ancient Egyptian talisman is the symbol of creation and resurrection and physical, spiritual and mental health bring. It also acts as protection from evil influences on the journey from the physical to the spiritual planes.

22. Spiders: A talisman of success in business and homes for money, spiders were placed inside nuts in medieval times and were used around the neck to protect the used from the disease.

23. Teeth: In China the tooth of a tiger is kept as a precious talisman by people playing, gamble or speculate. In Russia imitation tooth it is used as an amulet to protect from bad influences and diseases.

24. Turtle: The symbol of the Earth to protect against spells and various evil spirits.

25. White Heather: A Celtic talisman that has the power to bring the wearer true love.

26. Wishbone: This family talisman, bring the wearer luck and enhances the realization of your dreams.

So far the information was obtained through the internet, books and collected experiences working with some them. So now that you have the knowledge you can go and find the one that best fits each you. Until next time, blessings for all, Namaste

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