Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Hello here I am talking with the consciousness Katar and the importance of the Ascension. So let’s start. They are talking that we are going through a moment of truth that we need to start realizing the importance of working as individuals in the collective. We are going through this Ascension process first as individuals so we don’t affect the collective when finally they start going through the process. This Ascension is about getting Higher Level of Consciousness where your vibrational frequency, your body and your mind start getting higher, and at the same time lighter because the limitations of this Dimension don’t affect us more. We are moving to the light if you want to call it that way, and is time for us to bring that New Earth in here. One of the most difficult part is to deal with ourselves, to realize the things that needs to be balance so we can work in our higher perfect state of energy and vibrations. Is during this process of knowing ourselves that we become interconnected with others and we realize the power we have within. When we are really to let go of the thought patterns and the structures of the mind and the body that causes us to be afraid and stress is when finally you will be able to accept your higher self and being able to discover all the big things that you have with you. We need to let go of things and people to be able to allow them to fulfill their own path. The way you are going to be feeling is through some kind of discomfort that is holding you onto limitations and resistance. But if you just allow the process to flow through the acceptance and embrace it, the result will be a more higher spirit within you. So how to recognize you are going through a Ascension and not through the Great Awakening as the Earth Spirit? Because you will having a higher sensitivity to things, even in the way you eat. You will be feeling an increase sense of smelling, touch, hearing and taste. So basically a lot of discomfort in this aspect. Then you will having Physical changes so your body will aches. Specially having a shallow breathing. You will be having changing in moods, because you are going to be able to see and feel through the connections you are going to have. You will have changes in energy so they were going to be days you just feel drain not tired, drained. This is because our body is getting use to this new vibrational frequency and your new energies. Basically that will affect your sleeping patterns so you will be going through a lot of trouble to fall sleep or to stay asleep. This is due to the healing and integrations that are happening in your body right now. You will be noticing a change in your relationships because now you are going to be aware of the importance of boundaries so you will allow and respect others but you will not longer accept pain or toxic relationships in your life. You will be able to attract those relationships that are going to help you to keep moving forward in your journey and those that are meant for you to help. And finally you will be going through a feeling of wanting to go home, that you don’t belong here. You will have emotions like nostalgia, a sense of a void inside of you that is difficult to fill out in here. But this will help you to look for your home and to understand the truth about who you really are as a spirit. The best way to make sure you will go through the Ascension is like they already mentioned, work with balancing the ying and yang within you. And accept it and embraced. Changing your Thoughts and be aware the limitations of your thinking process. Realizing that you need to love yourself first before love can manifest in others, and mostly don’t fight it or resist because you are just hurting yourself, and you are going to be left behind. When you flow through this symptoms and through the process things will feel better, more clear and you will be able to keep finally be home when all of this end. I hope this message help is one of you to keep understanding more what we are going through and what you need to start doing to be able to move forward. Blessings

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