Be patience with yourself and others.

Hello everyone and Tribe. Here is another post that I want to do for all of you. Let's talk about being patience. Sometimes we want things to go in our way because of the expectations, the feeling of controlling things and to others to act as we want them to act. And honestly, that is the most difficult task to ask for, to have things in our way as fast as we wanted. Why because most of the time we don't think the situations, wanting or events through. we just want to see the results and then we complain if they are not in the way we expected or as we feel it should be. Patience is one of those trails and characteristics so difficult to learn now and day, because of the society we live in. But how we learn to be patience with ourselves and others? You may ask. Well is not an easy way to do it because before you can have patience you will need to learn other things first, as not having expectations, learning to listen to yourself and others, you will need to learn to respect the process and to think first and then to act and mostly to respect your own decisions without regrets and respect others decisions as well. When we learn all those things and start putting them into practice, Patience comes along almost by itself and is more easy to work with it. The next thing to develop or to have patience will be to understand we can't control events, we can't control situations, we can't control others and that we just can control ourselves. When we learn how we respond to or what our triggers are in certain events or things, we are going to be able to have patience and learn how to even enjoy the process while you are being patience about something. So, let's start going through our own self and see what things we can learn about ourselves that will help each one of you to be more patience. What things we can modify or even change to be that balance being and show patience to you and others. Listening your Mind and Soul even your Body will help you create a map to be the best you can and to keep improving yourself to be that balanced Being you want to be. So today, be patient with yourself and be patience with others, this will be another way to spread the love that all of us need and crave in our cores. And don't let the events, situations or circumstances dictate our behaviors for the negative. Let's be patience and use everything in our surroundings to be part of our growing. Blessings to all

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