Be Playful

Hello Tribe. When I decide to talk and write about this I was working in my new website and in other things. I was really putting myself to be pro-active and do what I felt I need to do. But the truth is my Guides and the other Spirits around, decided I needed a break and just put my mind at ease and talk through the blog post, so here I am now lol. As they were telling me to put all this down, they were reminded me that yes it is good to work and put ourselves to do things because is part of our responsibilities as Human Beings, but we don't have to be that serious about it. Even if some of the work we do, we don't enjoy doing it, they want us to remind ourselves that is part of what we love to do, or is a new skill or a process that sooner or later will be of great help and development. We need to learn to listen our body and mind and stop when we feel we are giving too much or doing to much and just be playful about what we are doing. Take a break and imaging funny things about what you doing, laugh at yourself or even bring funny memories. Is up to us to find what make us happy and to always try to remember the reasons, the good reasons and the positive ones about what we are doing in any aspects of our lives. Sometimes we focus in the bad aspects of the job for so many reasons, maybe is too much work, maybe is a difficult boss or just even you are too tired for all the extra work you are doing. In those moments just close your eyes for 1 min and remember what is the thing you love or make you feel playful about your job. Maybe you are good with math and numbers and make you feel good about you, maybe you love to take care of others or is the office work because you can be as organize as you can be, I don't know but whatever it is find it again and be playful with that and then go outside during your break or when you finish your day and be playful with nature or with the people around, allow your inner child to be joyful after that day for you. Be Playful!! is what they are saying. We forget to keep giving love to that inner child that live in ourselves, to be normal and be unique. We forget that through playing we can be the most creative people, through dancing we can release negative energies and feel good about ourselves and even to eat because give us some pleasures when is what we crave. We focus so much in our duties and responsibilities that we just forget to smile and be playful, we forget that everything flows better when we just let out Soul guide us and make us feel joy and be playful. We forget that we have our own happiness inside and that inner child is just waiting for each one of us to be playful again!!!!. When you allow yourself to be aware of your duties and responsibilities, but at the same time you allow yourself to be aware that not matter how stressful it could be or how much work you have to do, if you still give your inner child some joyful time, good things always happens. We need to accept that when we allow ourselves to be playful we set up ourselves to attract what we are working for. So don't forget to listen your guides, your body and your inner child. And before we can continue our daily lives I want to ask you: You take time to listen and be with your kids right? You give yourself permission to do something for your family that make them happy right? You even give love and do something every day that make them smile not matter is your Partner, kids, family, friends or even to the strangers is the street that just need to be heard right? So why you don't do it for yourself? Shocking I know. Let's change that and Be you! Be Playful! And be that amazing being you are here to be! Blessings to all.

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