Besides Spirits and Ghosts: Other types of visits and experiences.

The worlds of spirits and ghosts are fascinating enough to be the subject of many blogs more but in here I would like to give you a brief information of other experiences that we can live and could confuse us. Here is a list of them and a brief description:

1. Tulpas: It is a Tibetan word and refers to beings that originate in the mind, and subsequently through an intense belief and visualization become physical realities. Not that someone is going to convinced us to believe in something; it is a mind or more that create a fully real and physical living being who'd just take life so to speak and gain momentum as more and more people create in its existence until finally, it's harder to get rid of that display or Tulpa that was created. Thus the Tulpa is nothing more than those projected powerful thoughts and emotions eventually become physical forms. The more thoughts, emotions, and invest in a Tulpa credibility, the more real and alive it becomes. It is important to remember and to clarify that once it comes to life, its creators do not control their appearances and disappearances. They are no longer imaginary beings and therefore will be difficult to get rid of them. From this, we learn that it is very important to be careful with the thoughts we create and project. The more negativity, fear, and evil consume our mind, we run more danger of creating a self Tulpa, they are more relentlessly than any ghost. In that case, we can only stop that Tulpa. A good example is the famous monster of The Lago Nes.

2. Footprints: A footprint is an intensely concentrated energy bag in a space where an event or a series of highly dramatic events have a profound impact, images and emotions of those events become literally part of the place, land and/or atmosphere of the place. These images and emotions (grief, awe, anger, terror, or joy etc ..) are self-powered over the years but all who experience the powerful effect of the printed images and emotions and react radically (with fear, angry, etc..) can give more energy to that footprint. The aspect that always differentiate the trace of a ghost (that the sensations are very similar and sometimes difference is not easy) is that an image of a fingerprint never interact with us, nor would a hologram, while ghosts, believing they are alive like us, would at least perceive us and probably do more than just act. Like I explain before the way ghost are going to interact with us it would depend in how they see us, as potential allies or as annoying intruders.

3. Astral Catalepsy: Suddenly you wake up from a deep sleep and you are unable to move, not being sure if you are paralyzed or threatening by some horrible invisible spirit, that is upon you, holding you and hinder your breathing among other things, more than other kind of experiences this is nothing but the experience of astral journey of the spirit in a dream, call Astral Catalepsy. This means that the spirit left the body when we sleep and start dreaming but for some reason we woke up before the spirit came to the body and so we start having all of the events I explain above. But beware, differentiate that from a spiritual attack of some kind is not easy but it can be distinguish if at the time you feel everything already said you start feeling getting out of air, feeling a brutal weight grabbing your hands and you feel pressure on your neck, etc .. too. If this is the case you should seek help because you could be living a visit from the Dark side instead of an astral catalepsy.

4. Blurring or Stumped: The stumped experiences are fascinating and relatively rare, is when the past and present come together so tightly that they just get blurring with each other becoming just the now. For a totally blurred or stumped event happen the real traces of history have to become part of our reality, while we become part of that story. This phenomenon can resemble visits of spirits or being haunted. But what make this more unique is because of this experience we can interact or have Visits from The Other Side that belong to another time and / or place just as we appear in their reality from our time and place., those visitors are not attached to Earth. 5. Astral Travel: It is simply a event that occurred when we are awake or asleep we may or may not deliberately make it happen. In its natural state, provided by God, our spirits are free, able to be transported from one place to another only with thought and can visit who or what we want and may even be in two places at once if we wish (this is know as Bi-location that I would explain later in another post). We do this when we want to reunite with spiritual beings or people or places we miss. This can be done deliberately to develop Spiritually as a pleasant exercise or ability and/or it is something as natural to us.

6. Visitors of the Registration Hall: First let me clarify what it is the Registration Hall, this is like a library of our life maps in which our written histories are preserved. It is like a library of libraries and we all want to go there, in fact our spirit goes a lot to this place in his astral travels. Clarified this point the Visitors of the Registry Room are those spiritual beings who are creating their own maps of life and as they may have put something similar to what is on your map or some situation that you go through, these visitors decide to come and see, As it will be and how they would work when their moment of reincarnation arrives in its moment. So they are friendly foreign visitors or tireless researchers. Let's give them the treatment we would want to receive when we do the same.

I want to make clear that everything discussed here are events that are studied as part of supernatural events in the parapsychology along with the already discussed ESP in addiction to other events that I will discuss in depth later.

References taken from the book Visits Beyond Silvia Browne, Wikipedia, and own experiences. Photo taken from the internet.

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