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Changing Thoughts

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Hello tribe. Here I want to talk about changing thoughts. And I know is pretty difficult when is about what we want, how to look into things and other personal aspects. But how easy it is to change the thoughts when is about other or involved others even if we don’t feel is right. We accept and deal with it in a really easy way and often we change our thoughts about whatever it is that really quickly even with not second guessing at all, so you must ask yourself Why? Well is more easy to do it for others because we tend to be more compassionate, more opened and more willing to accept things about them that has to be with ourselves. This happens because at the end of the day they are not us. Even with the same situations, you will try to understand the reasons of why in a compassionate way for them but for you; you will be looking the reasons why in a more judged way. You are going to realize you can do understand and do for them even jeopardizing yourself but not for you own, because is even more difficult for ourselves to let go. We learn that to be a loving person and to be compassionate you have to show it even if that means hurting yourself, to understand because that’s what love is but we don’t learn that the same thing of letting go and loving yourself in that exact way should be first and allow it to happen. Even worst the truth is we tend to do more harm to ourselves and stay in that cycle of second guessing, trying to be positive but during all day what is in your mind is just a facade of the positive thoughts you want to create and without you realizing you are really putting certain words and thoughts now and then that are just inflicting you with more doubts, sadness, madness, and other types of emotions that are not good. Is time to change that, we need to stop being so condescending with other and not to ourselves, if we make a mistake we need to stop judging and criticize every aspect, to show mor compassion to ourselves, and all the other things we put in our minds during even happy times as we speak. Because even when good things are happening to us we are putting certain thoughts that are not good or positive in that matter we still putting some stuff in ourselves instead of just enjoying and be truly happy for what is going on. So how we can change those thoughts that are not good, or make us feel insecure or bad about ourselves? 1. You need to be more aware of your thoughts and as soon as you realize it stop yourself. Then you have to see yourself as any other loved one you have, or any person you care for. Try to talk to yourself as you will do to someone that is being going through a pain, difficult times or is having problems deciding whatever the decision is. Just imagine you are just best friend and without judgment and understanding listen what is going on in another perspective. I know is not easy but most of the time your Higher Self will be there helping you with this and guiding you if you allow it. 2. See why you are thinking too much, why your thoughts are going the way they are going. Is because you are using certain experiences from the past, or the present to make an excuse or a reason from it. Maybe you are dealing with some self issues problems or fear? When you go to the roots you will see that the thoughts are just there to help you be better and to be kind to yourself so you can find the best way of actions and decisions. As the Ying Yang if we use and transform those negative thoughts we will be experiencing a growing and being balanced that at the end of the day is part of our Spiritual Journey in here. 3. When you feel that is too much or that maybe you don’t have the strength to change the way your thoughts are, you should then ask your loved ones here or the people you trust and listen to them. They may not be completely right but your guides and loved ones in spirit will talk through them to let you know something that maybe you passed or didn’t realize it. You will feel like something just hit you from the conversation. Ask your Angels, Guides, Higher Self, whatever you believe to help you and through someone the answer will come. You don’t have to take everything just what hit you from the talk. And remember just look for people that are in the same energy frequency or state of mind (your believes) as you or at least that both of you respect without a doubt each other. 4. The last way for you to changing thoughts is to really listen not your mind, not your logic, your intuition. That voice will talk through your body, your feelings and emotions and even your dreams. So many different ways for your Higher Self to let you know what you need to work with. Even your own body will help you go through this using your own intuition but you have to be open, you need to get rid of any perception you have and just be open to be loved. Ask your guides and your loved ones to help you, to put other thoughts but you need to be open to accept them and to work with those thoughts in the way is meant for you to work it. As I always said trust and believe not matter how difficult or “crazy” it could sound or be, trust and believe that you have that inner power within you and capable of receiving and knowing this. And most importantly that the thoughts and messages you are receiving are coming from the most deeper love you can receive. Trust and believe. Changing thoughts can be one of the most difficult things to do because we are not prepare or educated to do it. We are used and raise to just be hard on ourselves, to accept whatever logical thoughts we get, to be nice and compassionate with others but not to ourselves. Learning to follow your own voice, loving yourself were you don’t jeopardize who you are and recognizing when you are having some type of negative in those thoughts and projecting your own Utopia is when you finally will be able to live in a way that changing thoughts are nog going to be a challenge anymore. Remember you are the master of your life and you control your thoughts besides other things in your life. This is not about just negative or bad thoughts is about any kind of thought that we feel is not the right way of thinking or in the way we should be thinking. Always be kind and remember at the end you will be happy that you rationalize with you and that now you have the choice to be happy. Blessings.

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