Colors and their use in the Candles

Already in a previous topic we talk about the candles and their uses, I also talk about how to be able to recognize certain signs or details that let us know what they are working. Here I speak of the colors in them, so that request and/or intention can be harmonized and use the colors.

White - It is not really a color, it is a substitute for all colors. A white candle serves to supply all the colored candles. Moreover, white is the traditional color of purity and good; Of the moon and the soul; Of mental power and innocence. The white color is related to the day Monday, the month of July and the astrological sign of Cancer. Divine energy, purity, grace, realization and spiritual power, sincerity and truth. Also used to break curses, and adverse conditions, it also represents faith, protection and peace. For disease this is especially indicated for depressions, diseases of psychological origin and helps to cure stomach, digestive and poisoning disorders.

Black - Which is not a color, it also serves to supply all colors, especially in its negative aspect. Generally it is related to the bad and the negative, with power and tyranny, with malice and cunning. But it is not always so, for some it represents discipline, effort, power, absorption and concentration. Black is the color of Capricorn and Scorpio, and the months of January and November and of the days Saturday and Tuesday. Transformation, change, end of cycle. Confusion, discord, evil and loss, sadness and mourning, denial, absorption of disease and negativity. For disease it has special relevance in the cure of fatal, chronic diseases (such as rheumatism and arthritis) and irremediable (from cancer to psoriasis). It is a candle that I recommend to be very careful in its use.

Gray - It is the color of the mind, the intellectual, the past and the future; It is the mixture of intuition and discipline; Of good and evil; And therefore of humanity. Gray affects all signs, but relates especially to aquarium, the month of February and Saturday. It is also associated with uncertainty, indecision, confusion and depression, cancellation, neutrality, cancellation, stagnation. For illness this candle helps to cure mental problems basically and some nervous disorders like epilepsy; But it is also a good remedy for cancer caused by radio-activity.

Blue - It represents the feeling and the sensuality, the art and the aesthetic, to the social thing and the order. It is related to the signs of Taurus and pound, with the months of May and October and with the Friday. Inner peace, spirituality, spiritual love, devotion and healing. Changes, depression, impulsive, if it is clear health, patience, tranquility, understanding, harmony, protection, clarity, help, kindness, fecundity, concentration. Incomprehension, health, tranquility, protection, peace, general happiness, patience, spiritual awareness, compassion. Healing, knowledge. For disease it helps to cure diseases of the throat, thyroid, nape, tongue, kidneys, skin and is very useful to prevent venereal diseases.

Red - Represents anger, war, blood and accidents, but also represents the fighting spirit; The momentum, the effort, the constructive and the religious. It is related to the signs of Aries and Sagittarius, with the months of April and December and with the days Tuesday and Thursday. Power, physical strength, sexual energy, passion, a desire. Courage, sexual health, passionate love, strength and vigor. Sexuality and attraction, exorcism. For disease it helps to heal wounds, blows and bruises of the face and head, wounds in general, especially to open wounds, hemorrhages and infections; Fevers and disorders of the arteries; And finally, they help to prevent accidents of all kinds and to avoid attacks or damages caused by firearms or white weapons.

Yellow - Represents pride, pride, religiosity, detail, but also represents imagination and fun and bad luck. It is related to the sign of Leo, the month of August and Sunday. Intellect, reason, mental stimulation, rational thinking. Attraction, charm, confidence, persuasion and protection, rejoicing and constructive thoughts. Spirituality, meditation, intelligence, theorizing and divination. For illness this candle serves to give energy and helps to cure diseases of the back, spine, nervous diseases, heart diseases and help to solve certain respiratory problems like asthma and allergies.

Green - Represents intellect, study, communications, family love, craft skills, fertility, work, service, but also represents jealousy, envy, hypocrisy and immaturity. The green color is the most human, and that is why it is related to medicine, hope, resignation. The green color influences all of humanity, but more directly affects the signs of Geminis and Virgo, in June and September and on Wednesday. Fertility, growth, prosperity, harmony, balance, finance, healing, luck. Financial success, good production, cooperation and money, employment. For disease it helps to cure diseases of the respiratory system, pains and wounds of the hands, arms, legs and feet; Facilitates the functioning of the intestines, spleen, pancreas and gallbladder.

Lilac or violet (purple)- It represents the intuition, the sixth sense, the sacrifice, the paranormal powers, the mediumship, the genius, the music. Influences on cancer and aquarium, but it is related mainly to Pisces, the month of March and the Thursday. High and powerful spiritual vibration, esoteric initiation, connection with the higher mind and other worlds. Healing, patience, spirituality, ambition, progress in business, power and tension. Increase what you already have.Cream - Neutrality, indecision, diplomacy. For sickness this candle is especially indicated to help solve sexual problems, infections, pains, cysts, irregular or painful menstruation, problems of labor or infertility, adrenals and to cure problems of blood obstruction, such as hemorrhoids and varicose veins.

Orange or orange - Creativity, confidence, eliminate fear and inhibition, mixture of desire and mind. Adaptability, attraction, stimulation. Encouragement, ability to concentrate, adaptability, positive changes. For disease it is mainly a good help in bone and muscle problems, in sleep and dental problems; But also helps to cure all kinds of diseases.

Gold - Higher thoughts and minds, spiritual development, wisdom, masculine, divine.

Coffee - Depression, muddy thoughts, connection to the earth. Neutrality, uncertainty.

Pink - Self-love, unconditional, and spiritual love. Sensitivity, tenderness. Honor, love and morality. Overcome evil, represents honor, success, rejoicing. Love and friendship. For disease it helps to take care of the entire glandular system, hormones, liver, and feet, and is able to prevent, and cure all kinds of vices.

Silver - Psychic abilities, intuition, reflection, illusion, feminine, divine.

Remember that the candles and their colors are nothing more than a visual support, a reinforcement to a request and / or intention and that serve to replace other talismans and / or tools.

This information was obtained through various means both books and own experiences. Blessings.

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