Different kind of Ghosts/Bad Entities.

Since we have talked about what are Spirits or Ghosts in other posts so in this post I will be talking about the different kinds of ghosts or bad entities that we can experimentally in the spiritual / paranormal field. Just remember that not all ghosts are bad and that not everyone feels threatened by our presence. Here are some of the cases that I have experienced and that I have knowledge of them and other information about other types too. The detailed information was taken from various websites and copied for better knowledge and understanding of you.

Here the different types of Ghosts, bad entities or situations or experiences that we can experience are:

1. Crisis Apparitions- Are usually a one-time experience, is when a ghost is seen at the time of it's death by family and friends as a way of saying goodbye or giving important information.

2. Ghosts That Are Unaware They Are Deceased- Go about their business or life as if they are still living. They do not understand they have passed. Sometimes, ghosts can't see the living but instead feel their presence. This can cause stress on the ghost as well as the living and happens often when people move into the house of a recently diseased person, usually and elderly person who lived and died alone in the final years.

3. Ghosts With Unfinished Business- Can linger in this world for numerous reasons. Like a father making sure his children succeed in life despite his sudden death. There are many cases involving victims of foul play unable to cross over until justice has been served.

4. Ghosts That are trapped or lost- These types of ghosts usually know they are dead, but for one reason or another cannot cross over yet. Some may fear moving on because of the person they were in life, or they fear leaving what is familiar to them. Some ghosts may be trapped in fear and held captive by another ghost or evil spirit, like in a murder suicide haunting. Other ghosts may be trapped at a location because an evil spirit or ghost may have drove them to suicide. Dark entities feed off the fear energy of ghosts and the living.

5. Vengeful Ghosts- As the name say it is a ghost that suffer a unexpected dead like being murdered or have some resentment, hate towards a living spirit and what to vengeance.

6. Hungry Ghosts- In Chinese/Buddhist belief, these kind of ghosts are said to come back to this realm for reasons such as to visit their families or old homes. In Taoism religion, hungry ghosts are deceased people that in one way or another did not find everything they need in the afterlife. These ghosts will come back to feed off victims fear energy. It is believed that leaving offerings of food, drink and money will appease them, so they will leave in peace.

7. Residual Ghosts- Usually live out their final hours over and over again. Residuals most often show no intelligence or self awareness, they will go right past or though you without a flinch. Many believe it was their emotional energy that left and imprint or recording on our dimensional frequency, like a tape recorder.

8. Child Ghosts- Are the ghosts of a child that pass away for one reason or another. These types of ghosts are usually lonely and seek attention, inadvertently terrifying people by making toys or other objects move. In my experience you don't find to many of these ghosts.

9. Ghostly Sounds and Smells- these are quite common around haunted locations. These sounds can be residual or intelligent. Knocking is an old way of communicating with the dead. Ghostly smells are also a very common occurrence in areas with high levels of paranormal activity and they can be residual or intelligent as well. Beware of foul smells like rotting garbage or sulfurs, to name a few. Foul smells like these could mean dark entities, demons or very evil ghosts are making themselves know.

10. Animal Ghosts- these are the deceased animals and can remain in this world for numerous reasons, like their human counterparts. But remember Animal Spirits are different from animal ghosts. You can go to my post about different kind of spirits and it would explain better what are Animal Guides.

11. Living Ghosts- this can be when the soul leaves the body of the still living. Such as outer body experiences, near death experiences and astral projections. There are some rare cases of people seeing themselves as a ghosts only at a different age. This can happen if something traumatic took place and a piece of you was left behind or imprinted in some way at a location. These are rare types of ghosts can show intelligence and self awareness. A doppelganger is different because its an exact copy of yourself. Doppelgangers can be harmless or omens of death. The harmless doppelgangers are often times and unconscious projection of a person's will. the entity is visible to others, but the projector rarely sees it. This is a good thing, because it is believed that when a person witnesses their own doppelganger it then becomes a omen of their impending death.

12. Ghost Vessel, Ghost Ship, Phantom Vehicle or Ghostly Object- Phantom vehicle may refer to a ghostly or haunted vehicle, also, for insurance purposes, a vehicle that causes death, injury or damage without making physical contact. These types or ghostly phenomena could be dge from a dark shadow from, human-like for to, half animal like creatures. Never taunt or challenge a demon unless properly trained, as this usually increases the violence at a haunted location.

13. Demons- Demons are negative none human spirits, commonly used in Judeo - Christian terms as fallen Angels. The term also applies to many different Gods & Spirits in other cultures that predate Judeo - Christian ones. It is believed there is a hierarchy with demons as well, ranging from the very powerful to lesser ones. Demons are very deceptive about concealing their true identity, often disguising themselves as harmless spirits or ghosts. A demon can appear as many entities to confuse its targets and to extract more fear energy out of victims by making their numbers seem greater. However they usually attack in waves starting with the lesser Demons leading the way. Once the victim has been morally broken down over time the more powerful Demons step in for the possession. It is important to obtain the Demons name, as this will help the Exorcist or Shaman in the exorcism or cleansing. Foul smells like rotting garbage and sulfur are tell tail sings of a demonic presence. The sounds of animal grunting are associated as well, and their appearance can cranes to the enormous amounts of human energy that has passed through these vehicles when they where in service and can be very disturbing because they are usually connected to tragic events. Demons are evil inhuman supernatural beings of intelligence, wit and power. They have the ability to invade our homes, attach themselves to objects and humans and cause both mental and emotional torture by attacking or possessing humans. They can morph into any shape they wish, from humans to animals, before your eyes. They are neither male nor female, but will change to whatever meets their need at the time. Demons are most commonly seen as black masses standing in doorways or in corners of the room. They have a hatred for mankind and think of us as lowly and stupid. Most demonic entities like a challenge and are incredibly conniving; they may have you believing they are good spirits or may appear to have gone away, only to confront you again at the least expected and most vulnerable moment. their main goal is to break down a person's free will in order to make way for possession, beginning as oppression. This can take days, months or years, but time is of no concern to them... they don't give up easily.

Well I know is a lot more that just this ones that is just the ones in here, so keep looking and learning about them. This information was take from sources like paranormalistics, ghostsandgravestones, and more.

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