Different types of Spirits and Spirits Guides.

In the previous post I talk about the difference between Spirits and Ghosts, in this post I want to talk specifically about the different types of Spirits that we have. As you know the spirits belong to the Other Side and not all have had lives or reincarnations here on Earth or some other dimension or plane but they all come to visit us at some time for different reasons.

In my experience and knowledge we can get in touch and experience a really many types of Spirits there, here I will explain the most important or with which is more normal and recurrent encounters or experiences are and in the end I will give a list of others that is not very normal to encounter, visualize them or have experiences with them. I will begin by telling you that we all have Spirit Guides who are with us all the time trying to help us or guide us at any time or situation. The ability to interact with them will depend on what faculty you have or how attuned you are to yourself.

Basically we all have between 3 to 5 primordial guides, these guides are always with us and depending on the help we need is that they will approach or let their presence feel more. These guides are as follows:

1- Protector/Guardian Angels. They are going to protect us from any harm psychically or spiritual. And not just that they are going to push us to learn how to protect ourselves, put boundaries and even put people away.

2- Main Spirit Guide. These guides are with you since you were born, they never change or go. And is the one that most of the time step in during readings.

3- Gatekeeper- These show like guardians dog to warn us and send us away to any danger not matter it can be places or people. They connect you with the right memories and the correct time for helping us, they also block entities as well allow our loves one to pass and connect with us. They principal work is to open and close the gates between realms. They work basically with psychic mediums as protectors of the spirit communications.

4- Teacher guides. This type of guides guide us through our paths. They can change depending in what we need to learn in a certain time, they can look like old wise man, high priestess, warrior, etc.. They provide guidance through signs or clues, dreams and meditations. They will teach us all the lessons and objectives we need to learn during our life.

5- Messenger Guide. These guides will give us message like don't go there, stop, that's the right person, etc.. They can also bring messages about or to people you care about. Is another guide that never change, because they are being with each one of you since birth.

As you see, these are the 5 main ones that are always in contact with us, whether or not we are aware of their presence or not. They are not necessarily in this order in your spiritual chart. Besides them there is a vast of other spirits and spirits guides that can make their act of presence in some moments or situations depending on what we need. Here are some examples of others more common or that we notice more often:

1- Light Beings or Angels. These are beings that have a higher vibration and never have a life or re-incarnation here in Earth. They are here to help us move forward in traumatic events such as death, loss, depression, grief, etc.. They are call this way because they tend to appear bright, glowing or full of light.

2- Life Guides. We call them the manager of your spiritual team. They never change they are always being with you since you born. They manage and coordinate all of your spirits guides.

3- Interpreter Guides. They just appear if you need help interpreting signs or clues, and even maybe understanding somo languages.

4- Elemental/Plant Guides/Nature Guides/Devas. Depending of your astrological sign and what can of elements rules in it you would have more of some of them. Some Elemental Guides are: Fairies, Gnomes, Sirens, Salamanders, etc.. Other kind of spirits from this type or guides are sprites, metal, wood, etc.. Depending of their elements is the subject they would bring. Devas are more higher vibrating energy beings kind of angels or earth.

5- Child or Joy Guides. They show up when we need that sparkle in our lives. They would lighten up and make you enjoy life again. Laughter, fun, playfulness and not taking everything so serious is their message. Just a warning they can be a little mischievous but nothing that harm.

6- Helper Guide. These guide are spirits that had already a life in Earth an some point, and they are linked to you in some kind of way. They can be loved ones like family, friends, etc... Is kind of a difficult task to know each of one of them because some of them just show for a small period of time. For those who work in a Spiritual path they will receive assistance from many of these guides so they can complete successfully they mission.

7- Ascended Master. These are guides that already live in here on Earth and they have become enlightened or awakened, some kind of reward of all the good work they did.

This is just to give you an idea of what you might see or experience with some types of spirits or spiritual guides in your life. As far as my experiences have led me there are about 30 different types of spirits that serve as guides and help us. Just to mention some others we have: Common Spirits guides, Soul Guides, Ancestor, Animal Guides/Power Animal, Record Keepers/Information Guide, Astral/Transit Guides, Healing Guides, etc ... the list can keep going. But here you already have an idea of what you can find in these paranormal experiences or when you contact with your guides.

I hope it helps you and can continue to learn more about your own spiritual guides. Blessings.

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