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Energy Frequency and Energy Vibration short definition.

We already talked about Energy Frequency VS. Energy Vibration what they are and how to work with each one and why. But I want to do this Post to help others to have the definition of both so each one of you can know the difference and work properly with your energies.

Energy Frequency is what you can say the rate of vibration and oscillation measured over a specific period of time. Is how our mind set is; you want to to reach a higher frequency and sustain that frequency with living as a Soul and a way of being.

Energy Vibration is what you can say is the contraction of the energy within the frequency. This vibration always moves up and down between some levels, as higher the frequency the less the vibration goes down. And the higher the vibration the strong you can sustain the communications with your guides and other Spirits.

So you can say that the frequency is who we are and the vibration is how we present that frequency. Your job is not to look for higher vibration is for you to look for higher frequency for you to sustain a higher vibration.

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