Talking about this topic is a bit complex, because this society is united with belief in religion and spirituality. Religion is what you believe and practice, spirituality is your own responsibility and how to feel.

For me, spirituality is based on my experiences, and my spirituality is my way of seeing, feeling who I am, and how I live in union with God, "power" or "principle" as they like to call it. Also, I think it's something simpler than most of people want to accept or understand. But within that simplicity there is some complication at a time, because the human being is afraid to go with their intuition and it is this part, when we are not in touch with what we are in essence, we lose the meaning of what should be our spirituality. You may wonder how can this be so? Or that leads me to say that?

Well, let me start from my point of view. Spirituality is the path that brings you closer to God or a Supreme Being or as each of you can call it, perceive. When we put out the doctrines (teachings imposed through time) that they has taught us or inculcated as a belief or proper practice of the equation, It is when we can then approach ourselves to that higher self that connect us or guide us in communication with this energy or Self, then starting from this premise and line of thinking we can conclude that spirituality is something very personal and individual, that is something for each of us as beings of energy and spirits are to find out. In every each of us, we have to decide how to carry or practice, feel that energy, essence or connection with God, power or principle. It is not a matter of what we believe in general or if there are different beliefs or practices of the same and if there is a right and a wrong, just that they are different ways, and that spirituality is only your individual responsibility and not rooted in one religion or belief. But today, it is complicated when you are not affiliated with a single belief or way of practice. The reality is that what we believe or accept as religion has nothing to do with your spirituality. Because this is your relationship with God, power or principle. And only you will know that the best way to be in connection with your intuition will eventually take you to your communication with God, power or principle.

The reality is that we have lost our spirituality when we start following what society dictates as right or through their doctrines have taught us to judge, not to respect, leading the human being has to get carried away by what others say is right. They do not respect what your own intuition and Higher Self tells them is their own spirituality. They are not doctrines that lead us to be better spiritual beings or manifest changes as needed in our home Mother Earth. But being in perfect harmony with our spirituality, our communication with God, power or principle, would take us to be in harmony with our spirit or soul and others.

Here, I am just wanted to express a thought, a theory, so that each of you may have perhaps another point of view and perhaps find answers that both seek and understand, so that you may feel as they feel, or have been unable to find a belief with which they feel identified. I'm just looking to share my feeling and knowledge, to make a change and improve my way to evolve as a spiritual being, that can help each of you find your way also.

Blessings to all and feel free to comment and contribute with your own thoughts.

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