ESP (Extra Sensorial Perception) Part 2.

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Having said what it is ESP now I would proceed with some of the abilities descriptions inside of the ESP. The following is to know the different ways and/or types to receive the information. Here I would mention the most common or best known in this environment or topic:

1. Clairvoyance: It is the way to see beyond the physical view. It is the ability or faculty to see pictures, events, people or places. The best way I can describe it is like you're seeing any of this in the middle of your head like you are seeing photos or movies. Something I would like to say or clarify is that when we receive any kind of information by any ability is not our interpretation that we have to give but it is to give the information as we received so the person for whom we receive it can interpreted what is means. The time it can range from retrocognition to precognition. And it is through this faculty that other ESP known as Remote Viewing manifests, is like a sub ability inside of the clairvoyance ability. Remote viewing is the ability to see an event, person or place that is a great distance as if you were in the place, event or against the person. During this ability the information receive through Remote Viewing is in Cognition time and like clairvoyance you have information beyond the physical view. This sub ability is not a common one.

2. Clairaudience: This is the way of hearing voices or sounds beyond the physical sense of hearing. Very often we can hear sounds that seems familiar or even songs that we heard before, it can be any kind of sound that it can be familiar or not. Sometimes it can be a word or a whole sentence, there are a thousand ways to describe it. But something I want to make clear is that not all the time that we hear a voice is necessarily a spirit, it might be hearing the voice of someone on a memory, and it can be in the present or future, like a connection with the person. To difference the time it can be difficult but something that might help is that when we are experiencing this ability, is to stay calm and not try to control whatever we are hearing. As with clairvoyance this ability has another kind of sub-ability known as Telepathy that it can maybe be present. Telepathy is the way or ability to communicate mentally with others and believe it or not animals. It is what is commonly called "read the minds" of other people, but the truth is that we are receiving the thoughts of certain people like listening their thoughts. Remember there must be a sender and a receiver for this to manifest, that means that not all the time we are going to be able to receive or deliver to someone specifically because of this. It is sometimes under this sub-ability that you can hear something that maybe other people need it or not to verbalize. There are also people who claim to communicate with aliens in this way but that is something that I would leave to your discretion, as it is a subject for another time.

3. Clairsentience: The ability to feel clearly or perceive the emotions or feelings of others beyond the psychical or any of the other way . It is also known as being emphatic or clairsensitve, is through this ability or faculty that we can feel the emotions of other people, animals and/or their energies, even feel the energies of the nature. This ability, Clairalience and Clairgustance are the most difficult to perceive and develop due to how saturated we live in this society . Also I would say is the most difficult to understand and control so to speak, as is sometimes not easy to recognize sensations or feelings because is not easy to recognize what is ours or what belong to whoever we are receiving and/or from whom or what. With this ability we can also feel the energies left in places and that makes it difficult sometimes to feel comfortable in certain places.

4. Psychometric: Although not a skill or ability well known is worth to mention in here due to its unique. Psychometric is the ability to receive information THROUGH touch but it is impossible to be obtained in any other way, only by touch. I know it can be confuse but let me give you an example: it is like saying that you touch a necklace or a pencil and receive information of that object, place or person like as who he is, to whom it belong, the value has or is the person who loads etc. . This ability is never shown alone as it needs other skills or abilities to manifest but the other skills are manifest only through psychometric and it can manifest at different times. Like I mention before like Remote Viewing and Telepathy is not a skill or ability that not many possess.

5. Clairgustance: The faculty to feel flavors beyond the psychical body. When this ability presents the person can be able to taste the particular flavor of a meal or anything. It can be something that someone use to eat or the person liked or it can be a stuff like metal, perfum etc.. Again is and ability not easy to distinguish or recognize because is not a very common ability.

6. Clairalience: Is the ability to smell beyond the physical sense of smell. Although many times we feel that we smell something with our nose (smell instrument), not necessarily is real and we are just manifesting this ability through a ESP manifestation. Since we often think it is due to something in the environment or like the Clarigustance comes so subtle that it is not perceived due to the saturated lives we have in this world.

7. Claircognizance (you could call it intuition or clair-knowing): There is no clear or specific way to describe this ability or how exactly it is but basically is the immediate knowledge about something or someone, a place or moment without knowing how is the information was received, basically is just the feeling "I know". This ability is one of the most common and best known in psychics but being one of the most common is the most underrated. Under this ability it falls what we can call clear knowledge, so it is through this ability we usually will have and instantaneous and fast information and manifests through all other skills in most cases or simply the knowledge that comes direct from the Source allowing us time to act fast.

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