Near-Death Experiences.

The near-death experiences has been a controversial issue for many years, since it is questioned whether actually happens or not. Science has tried to give an explanation but without having reached something forceful. There are now thousands of people around the world who claim to have had one, and where all give similar details, talking about they see themselves, they hear everything going on in the place where they are, about finding the light and peace and all of them talk about the tunnel of light where they know it is hope and home. Many speakers have passed this bridge and have gone to a place where one feels peace and love beyond description, a place that we don't want to leave or return to here, they have also described this as one of a lot of energy and light, but science denies that because of not having the proof of their existence.

Something we have to consider is that when we astral travel, bi-location or astral projections are made are not the same as near-death experience, although they have several things in common between them, the spirit leaving the body, seen on many occasions oneself, feel peace, among some. The difference is that when you have a near-death experience we are going to see the tunnel of light which is not seen in the experiences mentioned before and when a near death experience happens the sensation or feeling that you feel is totally different.

The reality is, a near of death experience is a vast topic where the experience and science confront with each other and without reaching a midpoint; what is left is the feeling of only be real for those who have lived this experience. Something that can help to or make possible to corroborate and to prove this experience is that most of the people who have live an experience like this when they return to life they return change, the experience change them. Some are more kind, loving or just show more feelings while others will be more sensitive to sounds, light among other things and all come knowing that there is something more so are more connected with the search for knowledge in caring more, to be more spiritual and be more in harmony with the energies and with their Higher Self. Only a few get more confused of what is left so now they will be more focus in find themselves and is not going to be religion nor this society or what society can offer what will attune this souls. They are people who have to go after their spirituality and instead of looking for reasons or whys, their mission will seek for harmony and work with energies and focus in the big picture.

For my part, I will tell you that if I lived a near-death experience that almost no one knows, and although the experience was when I was a kid still remember it like yesterday. And no matter what science says and many people believe I can tell you it is something that changes your life. The reality is that no matter how old you are, the experience itself is a changing and unique event that when embraced and understood that was a gift to the back and tell the gates open to knowledge.

And what do you think? Did you really think or believe there might be something beyond death? They have had some experience in that sense they wanted to contribute? I know I believe and I'm one of this few people that have experienced this, something that give you something to think about. Hope this information give you something to look information and keep learn.

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