Protection Tools we can use (some of them)

I want to wrote a note of some of the Protection tools or techniques I use when I feel I need protection or I know I am going to do some Paranormal Investigation and I need that extra protection. In here is just a brief, I hope they work with you as they work with me.

  1. The Circle of Mirrors. Picture yourself inside of a perfect circle of mirrors taller that you, facing away from you. White entities are drawn toward mirrors, while dark entities are repelled by them and will go out of their way to avoid you.

  2. The Bubble Of White Light. While you should always surround yourself with the light of the Holy Spirit, here’s a variation of the image that makes me smiles. I’m sure you remember in the Wizard of Oz, that Glenda, the good witch of the north, traveled inside a beautiful, transparent bubble, well imagine that, that you are inside of a huge Bubble of White Light. Move through your day that same way, inside a bubble made of the Sacred, transparent white light of the Holy Spirit.

  3. The Golden Sword. Picture a gleaming golden sword, its hilt ornate and sparkling with jewels. Hold the sword up in front of your body so that the hilt forms a cross over your brow chakra, and the blade extends, like a slender impenetrable declaration of divine strength draw the length of your body, deflecting the inherent cowardice of the Dark Side.

  4. Gold and Silver net. the image is a fisher man’s net of finespun gold and silver gossamer, strong but light as air, its fibers braided and glistening with the white light of the Holy Spirit. Drape it over yourself to cover and protect yourself from head to toe in divine white light. As you move through your day, drape a matching gold and silver net over and Dark entities you encounter, to contain and neutralize their negativity.

  5. The Dome of Light. Picture a magnificent dome, its curved walls and ceiling made of the radiant white light of the Holy Spirit, covering you and those you love-the dome of light is specially effective as a car cover.

  6. Worry Beads. Borrowed and blended from the catholic, the Greeks and the Tibetans, with thanks. Either buy or make yourself four to five inch diameter circle of beads. It’s essential that the beads be made of a natural material, preferably wood-nothing artificial. Every night before you sleep, go one bead at a time around the little circle, assigning one thing you’re worried about to each separate bead. When each bead has its own designated worry, place the circle of beads in a small container of sand on you nightstand, to let the sand absorb the worries form the beads and neutralize the worries.

As you can see this are more tools of visualization but we have in our hands tools like Amulets, Talismans, Quartz, and so on. Just keep trying until you find what resonate with you and you feel is really working towards your protection. I always use some Amulets and stones that I have, plus one of my favorites in here is the Bubble of White light, and the Dom of light for when I drive and in my house. So go ahead try it and let me know what you think and which one you like and work for you. Blessings

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