Quartz, Gems and how to clean them.

I will begin by explaining the difference between them, their uses and the different forms of preparation.

Crystals or quartz: They absorb energies and amplifying them, no matter if they are positive or negative, they balance the emotions. They possess energies that are beneficial to humanity.

Gems: Balance both mental, spiritual and / or emotional emotions.

When you have them, you should clean and energize them before using them. The energies of crystals and gems are sometimes described as electromagnetic. Healing has been done with them, meditation, prayers and even cleaning and tune the chakras use them. Seeing that they have several uses thanks to their vibrations and energies. They also help the improvisation of mediumship remarkably.

These need to be protected from physical damage as breaks or scratches and from energy imbalances. Something important just a few of them can not be submerged in water and we have different ways to clean them. In here some of the most know ways:

1. In a glass with water put the quartz and / or gems, cover the glass with a white cloth or indigo on a full moon until the other day in the morning (it is not recommended to be the first night of full moon Since this is usually more charged). I have used this for years and it has always worked for me in the best way.

2. In a dish or glass vessel with salt in pieces put them from one day to another to be cleaned, the salt must cover them completely.

3. Put them under the cold water visualizing that the water takes away everything negative and visualizing as the stone is purified and cleaned.

4. The simplest perhaps would be with the incense smoke such as sandalwood, juniper, sage which are known for their purification and cleansing properties. To clean the quartz or gem let the smoke of the incense surround each of the stones that will be cleaned completely always visualizing its purification and that the negativity goes away.

Only using each of the methods you will be able to know which one fits the most with you. And remember that white or transparent stones have the ability to bring clarity and purify the aura, making them basic tools. Black or colored help to integrate the healing that could be taking place, so we can feel the effect during the process. They help to strengthen and stabilize our fundamental energies.

To energize them it is enough that they put it in the right hand and visualize that the stone and you are one, that is an extension of your energies and of you to work together for the protection and the purpose that each stone or quartz has. Blessings and soon I will write a note on the different stones and their properties.


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