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Updated: Mar 16, 2023

The Runes are a set of magical symbols that made up the alphabet of the Viking peoples. Its origin dates back to the Stone Age. The Runes constitute the oldest Western Oracle, intimately linked to the deep development of the Western being in its remote origins. This Oracle predicts, guides, helps to find the way, while permeating with its sacred essence our action in life. Unlike other Oracles, the Runes are not directed at the results, but rather at the motivations of the person and at the action itself. We are never offered gloomy predictions but patterns of behavior to bring our inner talents and forces into play. The implementation of this internal potential points out the runic messages. In the Runes, Holiness and Abundance are not opposites. The Runes do not contrast the material with the spiritual, but see them in balance and brought to par.

The runes are 25 letters in the alphabet and something that is basic in them are these 16 basic tips:

1. That we give and receive so that the gifts are energy that circulates;

2. That we learn from the successes but also from the mistakes;

3. That good and evil coexist in us and the transcendence of the latter is a primordial challenge;

4. That we follow our own way, avoiding commands and dogmas;

5. May we be generous and compassionate;

6. Let us meditate and listen to our inner voice;

7. May we be patient and persevering;

8. Let us take our times of solitude and recollection by adapting ourselves to the rhythm of the Universe;

9. Let us venerate the Earth and its gifts, of which we are worthy and worthy;

10. That we preserve our energies;

11. That we take responsibility for our actions;

12. That we complete ourselves in the feminine and in the masculine and combine the intuition and the reason in the wisdom;

13. That everything is good in nature and that accepting its gifts is part of our task to be healthy, joyful, complete;

14. Let us reborn if the ashes themselves are needed;

15. Let us hear the calls of the ancestors;

16. But always, always, we go our own way.

The 25 letters of the Oracle are Fehu, Urz, Thorn, Ansur, Rad, Ken, Gyfu, Win, Haegl, Nied, Is, Ger, Ewoh, Perth, Eolh, Sowelo, Tyr, Berrana, Eh, Mannaz, Lagu, Ing, Daeg, Othel and Odin. In each one of them will always find a meaning, a message that comes out right and inverted. Well up to here the information taken from the book Runes: Oracle of the inner road.

In my experience of working with them always fill with a special energy when reading both the consultant and who reads. If you are looking for something philosophical and highly energetic a query with the runes is what you should look for. Blessings to everything.

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