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Second Part of Starseeds Descriptions

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

As promise here it is the second part of the Starseeds I know or have the knowledge of them thanks to my guides and my abilities. I would continue updating as much as I can. Just remember that in this two parts I was able to describe the ones we already know and some of the new ones I'm been able to meet and know, but still is so many others that we still don't know about yet. So here it is the rest of the Starseeds I can share with you.

11. Venusian Starseeds. Omg another one I have the privilege to know and meet from my Tribe members. They are so full of love and they are so amazing. Love is the key for them and they are here to show us that is possible. They are just a few reincarnated in here.

  • Venus planet for sure

  • Sensual and passionate individuals

  • Night lovers

  • Moon lovers

  • Dreamers

  • Unconditional Love is really important for them

  • Nurturing

  • Compassionate

  • They don't feel they belong to traditional believes

  • Spirituality is important for them

  • They need constant grounding

  • When they are Intune they are strong connected with their guides and the Universe.

  • Some of them are drawn to Egypt

  • Sound healers

  • New age

12. Lyran Avian Starseeds. I have the blessing to have one of my dear friends as one of them and another beautiful Tribe member as well. For me they are full of beauty and things always feel in harmony around them. Freedom is the word key for them.

  • Some of them have a bird look alike appearance.

  • Love birds

  • Tend to have blue aura

  • Love colors

  • Most of them have Air signs or love the wind and natural things related to Air element

  • Visionary

  • Creativity is really a strong part of their personality

  • Artistic

  • They may feel they been here forever

  • They can be really blunt,

  • Saying your truth is important

  • When you have them around you they always know how to lift your mood

  • Positive

  • Freedom that feel like they can fly

  • Respectful

13. Martian Starseeds. I'm pretty sure I have the opportunity to meet one in all my 25 years of work, just one time I was able to meet and recognize it.

  • Strong character

  • Warriors

  • Fearless, they are always ready to fight

  • Colonizers

  • Good memories

  • Water and Fire elements

  • They want to support the Terroquians to advance through this Human experience

  • Decisive

  • Love hard

14. Andromedan Starseeds. One of my Hybrid energies. You would be surprised that we don't have so many in here but the few in here would make the noise to be acknowledge they are here.

  • Have a really difficult time adjusting to the 3rd dimension.

  • Heart center, becoming a beacon of light when in alignment.

  • Warriors

  • Easy to talk and they can be really great communicators.

  • laid back personality

  • Some would say they have a commitment issue or problem

  • Carefree lifestyle

  • Travel is really important for them

  • Explorer

  • Freedom to do what they feel is their mission is important

  • Observer

  • Have a light color aura making them have like a pure aura

  • Childish

  • Works with Akashic Records

  • Selfless

  • Guided by love not by ego

  • Drawn to nature, specially water places

  • Naturally from 12 dimension

  • Don't trust the government

  • Want to raise the consciousness

  • Great leaders and teachers

  • Fear the wrong choices being made.

  • System busters

  • Can master whatever they want

  • Struggle with what they suppose to do vs what the soul craves (One of the most difficult ones in this Human Experience because up there I don't need to choose or struggle)

  • Self worth can be a problem sometimes for some of them

  • Raise the vibration to evolve

  • Outsiders

  • Speak the Ugly truth

  • Lead with their hearts

15. Hadarian Starseeds. I have the blessing of knowing one.

  • They are a rare type in the good sense of the word

  • All about Love

  • Resonance to the heart

  • See the good in everything

  • Optimistic

  • Adapt to what others may need or want

  • Don't trust power

  • Give their 100%

  • See the difference

  • Open

  • Innocence

  • They love modern spiritual practices like Yoga

  • Music

  • Explorer

  • Intuitive

  • Spontaneous

  • Social

  • Not money attracted

  • Impatience

  • Mindful of the energy exchange

  • Love to have projects to work on

  • Sometimes they are taken advantage of

  • Want strong relationship bonds

  • Hippies

  • Here to learn how to love others not matter their path or frequency

  • Shy

  • Introverted

  • Counselors, humanitarians, philanthropists.

  • Clairsentients

16. Alpha Centurians Starseeds. So far I just know about one being reincarnated in here and I really don't believe is more than maybe 10 or 15 of them here in the Earth. They are one of the most older Spirits or Higher beings that you can meet.

  • Feel like they are crazy because how they perceive and feel all the time

  • Loner

  • Intelligent and smart

  • Building and inventing thigs is one of the things they love the most

  • Scientific Mind

  • Centaurus connection

  • Wisdom and Knowledge is a top priority for them in this life

  • Complicated person when is about relationships

  • Sometime they can be judgmental.

  • Daydreamer

  • Independent

  • Confident

  • Good in mathematics

  • Love hidden places and dark

17. Agarthan (Inner Earth) Starseeds. I was able to meet them through my collective spiritual work in different places as a spirit around the world.

  • High energy

  • 9th dimension frequency

  • Really tall and skinny

  • Dark hair

  • Live in the center of the earth

  • So far I don't know about someone reincarnated just yet

  • Intune with earth cycle seasons

  • Can feel natural catastrophes

  • Connection with the Fae folk

  • Connection with Atlantis

  • Environment driven

  • Dreams of going to the center of the Earth.

18. Annunaki Starseeds. I know for sure about an Hybrid, the high frequency Annunaki (Eggi) and the low frequency one that it is still in the spirit realm. As far as I know is another race that we don't have lots of them here.

  • Connected with ancient cultures and knowledge

  • Drawn to Sumer, Babylon, Egypt, Akkadia and Assyria

  • Older than humanity

  • Focusing in the Annunaki history

  • Really tall and skinny

  • Particulary large almond shaped eyes

  • Have the longing feeling to return to home

  • Air and Earth elements

  • Ancient soul is not just old is the feeling of Ancient

19. Reptillian Starseeds. I know at least 2 of them. One is really more higher and high frequency looking for love and peace, the other one is not as higher as the other one.

  • Low temperature

  • Prefer warm temperatures

  • Drawn to reptiles

  • Chameleon

  • Adept to filling in

  • Natural leader,

  • Love to work government, and institutions

  • Don't like to be in the bottom of the hierarchy

  • Inventing and creating new ways of doing things

  • Misunderstood

  • Avoid emotions or having a cold way to show them

20. Terroquians or Earth Spirits Starseeds. They are the ones that belong to this planet Earth naturally. They are created in the 3rd dimension.

  • Money driven

  • 3rd dimension frequency

  • Rulers

  • Attachment

  • Passionate

  • Goal oriented

  • Technology driven

  • Extrovert

  • Material Status

I would keep coming back as I get more information in any of the Starseeds I was able to discuss. Thank you for your time.

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