The Spirit and the places it goes.

Before we start talking about the spirit and where it goes when we die, we must have an idea or know what it is. All of us at some point have asked ourselves what is the spirit or the soul? Why is it so important? And where does it go after we leave this physical plane? In this post I will try to give you a basic idea of what it is but the important thing is how you define it and what it is your believe.

Many of us called spirit meanwhile other called soul so let's start with how Wikipedia defines it both:

Spirit-According to them the spirit is the driving principle of the spirit or the inspire essence. While in The Free Dictionary defines it as the immaterial part of the human being that is able to understand, to want, to feel and that with the body or material part constitutes the human essence.

Soul- According to them, the soul is defined as the principle or immaterial and invisible entity possessed by all living beings. And at they define it as the being, the self that dwells in the body and acts through it.

Really as you can see even when they are two different words the meaning is basically the same. As I define it or see it, is that they are the same the difference is that the soul is basically used by religions based on Christianity and the spirit is the term that is used more between people who follow religions more New Age or live a philosophy more spiritual. For example as I define it or see it is that the spirit is the eternal body that lives within our physical body and that is the one that connects me to the source or divine source, which defines me in who I am. So the best way is how you define it and live it, but always with faith and respect. As I told you in the previous blog about spirituality, this is something personal and nobody should tell you if it is right or wrong and how you should practice your beliefs and it will be our Higher Self who will direct our steps.

Now lets talk about more deeper subjects and explain where the spirit goes when we die. When we die all our worries, frustrations, anger, resentment and any other negative emotion fades away and are replaced by peace and unconditional love and understanding of what we are or who were we, knowing that we are about to be in home. When the spirit separates from the body there are three possible places where the spirit can go. This decision is ours to make not any other spirit or God (or however you call it), he love us and allow us to decide that.

These are the three places the spirit can go when we die:

1. Summerland-The vast majority of us, the ones that try their best and lived more close to God goes to this place. Our spirit immediately transcends the Other Side. The Other Side or Summerland that is how we call it is a sacred place, exquisite an perfect, this is the place we come from, where we live happily among angels, the messiah, our Spirit Guides, our soul mates and love ones with whom we have shared a eternity of life. The Other Side Residents are called Beings or The Spirit and when they make apparitions among us are called Visits.

2. Left Door-A much smaller percentage of humanity sadly choose to come here. Those are dark souls that sadly choose evil over good, this place is an atrocious and impious and is called the Left Door. Is through this place that these spirit return directly to a any matter or body here in earth, they will continue this pattern until these souls or spirits decided to change change, broke the cycle of other past life and start growing as a spirit to a higher self. The Spirits that goes to the Left Door are called Spirits of the Dark Side and they never communicate with us and never show up during the process of reincarnation or being "in vitro".

3. Earth- Is in this place that those spirits who stay trapped by their own confusing reasons and refuse to recognize the true tunnel to the Other Side stay here remaining attached to the Earth. The earthbound souls are called ghost and their appearances among us are called incantations.

Understanding these differences between spirits and ghosts, enchantments, haunted and visits will help us answer many questions we ask ourselves when we experience some paranormal or out of this world events and to understand the why of those experiences.

In the next few posts I would be talking about different types of spirits and different types of experiences we can encounter and how to differences between them.

Information take for different sources as my own experiences and the book Beyond Visits of Sylvia Brown.

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