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Mediumistic Abilities Course

Understanding, Discovering and developing your Mediumnistic Abilities

  • Starts Jul 20
  • 350 US dollars
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Service Description

During this class you will learn how to discover how to connect with your Spiritual Guides, how your Mediumnistic Abilities work, the techniques that works with each one of you individually, how to maintain the connection when talking with your own guides and love ones, and so much more. During the 8 weeks of this course we are going to learn, discover, understand and expand our tools through the spiritual world. During this course I would be sharing and using all the knowledge and techniques I'm been gathering through my two Certified courses with James Van Praag and my personal experiences in my 22 years as a Psychic Medium with all of the students. This is what you can anticipate to receive and learn during this course: *Setting the right attitude to receive messages. *Setting the right intentions to being this journey and path. *Type of messages you would receive. *Practicing a little bit your already psychic abilities before we can really began the journey. *Recognizing the signs beyond the ones we already know. *Connecting with the Spirit World. *Different tools including mediations, circles, exercises). *Recognizing the feelings vs messages. *Different types of spirits *How to Raise your energy vibrations and the importance to do it. *Setting boundaries with the spirit world *Breathing techniques *Types of Spiritual Guides *Building the Power *Objectivity and Subjectivity *Constructing the messages *Different types of Mediums or Mediumnistic Abilities. *Photograph Techniques *Honoring your skills *Surrender to Spirit *Ethics and responsibilities *Owning your space *Creating the Confidence *Different Styles of Mediumship *The importance of following the CERT program *Sustaining the Link *Practicing and more. Each class would be an 1 1/2 every Sunday for 8 weeks straight. The classes would be recorded and be accessible through a link. Zoom link will be send via Email after booking For payment plans please DM, to set it manually

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