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Soul Path Contract Reading

Look into your Soul's Contract to see if you are in the Right Path!!

  • 1 hour
  • 100 US dollars
  • Location 1

Service Description

Embark on a profound journey of self-discovery with a Soul Path's Contract reading. Guided by channeled wisdom from your spirit guides and support of seven carefully selected decks, this reading unveils the intricate layers of your Soul Path Contract and delves into the depths of your spiritual journey. Gain profound insights to key inquiries that will empower and transform your life, including: Am I on the right path with my soul’s purpose of creation at this present time? Receive clarity on whether you are in harmony with your true calling in this present moment. What past lives are influencing my soul path at this moment? Uncover the past lives that hold significance in your soul's path, shedding light on the lessons, patterns, and energies that continue to influence your present journey. What changes or actions are needed to stay or get back on track? Receive guidance on course corrections necessary to stay or realign on your soul's path, empowering you to overcome obstacles and find your way back to the transformative track. What are the reasons for the challenges I am currently facing? Gain profound insights into the reasons behind the challenges you are currently facing, uncovering the invaluable lessons and growth opportunities they hold. Through this enlightening exploration, you will awaken to a newfound clarity and purpose, empowering you to make positive strides forward on your unique soul journey. Allow the wisdom of the cards and the guidance of your spirit guides to illuminate the path that leads to your highest fulfillment and spiritual evolution.

Contact Details

  • 9393300115

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