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Staying Focus when we seems not to find ourselves. An old post from my Patreon

This 2020 year started with a lot of energy, and this energy is going in all directions. But the energies that are the strong ones have to be with nature and emotions. So how we can stay focus in our spiritual path, in keep connecting with our Higher Self and out paths? Well the answers they give me is trust and believe is how we are and we can stay focus.

Believe me in my case was a little difficult because I am really connected with Mother Earth so I was going in some kind of depression just because how it felted, and then my people in PR in the south going through so hard moments have me worry, so it was difficult for me to focus and even work because how deep everything was feeling. And you can add that since 2020 started I’m been sick and still am so how trusting and believing is all I need I asked them, because I needed to understand so I can help others in the same way and I can show them is possible. As you see I was getting into that point that all of us in different times go too and I was just being a human starting to worry about the messages the Mother Earth was sending and like a week ago they make me sit and told me this.

“Staying focus is not easy because your mind, your fears and your ego gets in the middle of things. But you already trust and believe just hold into to that not matter what. When you trust you don’t have to be afraid because you know that whatever happens is for a reason and that will give you the strength. When you trust that all is going to be fine and continue pushing yourself with your classes, meditations, readings, you allow the focus energy to become one of you so in that moment you are free. Is not about not worrying is about trusting that you did what you needed to do and trusting is nothing else you can do and wait for the signs and messages about the next step. When you are one with the Universe you just need to trust and that will show you and show us that you are one with us and that everything you are doing is from the heart and from the right intentions. Trust in us God, Universe, Spirits, etc... and you will see you will never being alone. “

Then they kept talking and told me “About the believe, when you believe you are one with the mother earthand with yourself and us, you will feel and see what is going on. Maybe is not something you will be able to understand but you will be able to know. Humans always think they need to understand everything but the truth is that they just need to know what is happening, what they need to transmute or learn from whatever they are going through and to believe they have the connection, to believe they are one with the Universe, God and the Mother Earth and that whatever is happening or about to happens it will be always for something bigger and better to show or come. When you believe you can listen, you can know, you can see. When you believe the worries change to actions and solutions and the pain stop to be there and its transform in love. When you believe all of us become one and you can feel us more. When you believe you just prepare but allows us to guide you. So if you want to be able to keep learning and growing and staying focus in moments like now, just trust and believe and nothing will stop you to accomplish and be there for you and others.”

This had me thinking and I say it is true. So I ground myself and talk to the Mother Earth and say I know you feel alone I know you feel abandoned and not loved and that’s what all of this things are happening, but I loved you, I am one with you. Use my energy, trust in me as I trust in you. I believe you have the strength and the power to become whatever you need to be I am here I am supporting you and when is time just let me know how I can hel you become what you need to be. And through my mediations, and dancing (I dance every morning to move the energy) I connect and just the energy to be one and allow myself to be focus and be grateful because I have the blessing to trust and believe in what the Universe and my guides are being able to teach me and take me to.

I hope this help each one of you to keep being focus and not matter what could be going on in your life, you can always choose to trust and believe so you can stay focus in what is important and that will help you fix whatever is going not that good. Blessings to all

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