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A Reflection from me. Jan 28, 2022

I am posting this today, because still even today is my reality, is what I really think and believe. I cried while reading this again and how my heart was open when I wrote this. I hope this reflection something I wrote year and half ago keep touching your Spirits to be the best you can do.

"I am here sitting down in the dining room of a friend's house, working on my daily post and other social platforms, and out of nowhere I start remembering and thinking about all the work I've been honored and blessed to do. I do not tend to post about the details of the work because sometimes I know it would be difficult to comprehend and hey even myself needs time to process and absorb all the information I get. Other times I don't talk about the details of what I see, did or being able to experience because not everyone is open to at least listen with respect and be open to the possibilities of things that just an open mind and spirit would receive. That's why this membership was created, for us (you and me) to have a way to share or to listen to things that some of you may think is not real or is just your imagination (what a beautiful thing to experience). We (as me and them) are learning how to be more outspoken about the truths they want me to share and the truths about why I am in this path and the things I being able to see and experience. And when I say truths, is not about what is right or wrong, is about what is correct or incorrect in the way we been learning or is been used teachings and believes due to so many misinterpretations and other reasons that I am not going to talk in here (is too much). So please bear with me and grow with me in this point of our Soul Journeys together as a Collective.

But thinking in retrospect in all the last 3 months, even in the last 1 or 2 years I can say: "Wow how much I accomplished and how far I am now". But not because what I am capable to do or creating now, not because of my life of manifestations now, is because how I've been able to feel my Self and remember like I thought it was not possible, and how my experiences are taking me to places and areas I thought are not possible. When I think about my journey I do it as something I needed to walk with instead of on it. Most of the time we think about our journey as something in front of us, a path or a place we have to get in or we are in right? and keep moving on it, watching every step, watching every storm, or having to notice everything that moves in that path, or place. But the truth is that our journey is just what we experience, the choices we make with the decisions we take, to amplify or diminish our Soul Purpose. In the time I'm been here as a Soul (yes I'm been here for like 25,000 years to 30,000 and I'm still in the process of passing through memories and remembering) I learn so much about the Earth, the Earth Spirit (terroquians), Startseeds (I am just simplifying the races with this term) and other Higher Beings. Because it is simply about experiencing what we are in a more physical aspect, and to keep sharing and learning from all the existence what this place offers.

We in this place tend to separate each one from each other, even with the terms and names we call each other, like some are more important than others, like my work is bigger than yours just because I can remember more, I have more control of my abilities or understanding of my capabilities and is not that. We need to come to an understanding that we are just in different aspects of who we are, and in a different point of a Soul Path or Journey that is the same with different points or perceptions. Having saying that we need to understand that instead of a reality what we have is a Soul Path or Soul Journey that's the same for all of us, we came here to learn, to enjoy and to live in the present of a timeline (up there we live in different ones at the same time, we don't follow the same patterns as in here), to get the experience of the theories we have and we are (love, compassion, fear, etc.). So depending of our Soul Path, requirements or needs for our work up there is that some of the experiences we go through are going to be our lessons, teachings and challenges in here. And more importantly to support each other, not to help, not to facilitate, to support in the growing and Individual Aspects without forgetting the Collective Aspects related to that.

I learn through all the years in this Earth but especially in this life's timeline or moment that if we open ourselves to the possibilities of things, allow our imagination to be the door for the unknown and the knowledge to arrive, we really work and transform our perceptions, use our abilities to guide us through this Journey, and our capabilities to really express who we are, beyond whatever mission or work (not all of us have a mission some have a work to do to support others in their missions) then we are going to live purposely and intentionally without looking for something we think is lost. Is through opening our eyes of our foundations, beyond this plane, this body and this place that we allow ourselves to expand. That is challenging, yes, that some stuff can be difficult because again we all have different capabilities and came here to learn how to at least get right the ones that are not natural for us and excel in what is natural ours, yes. So we really need to open and expand the way we approach things here, how we perceive things and allow those that are here physically and spiritually to guide us and support us. We can transform this place, this Earth to something magical, but for that we really need to change the way things are being perceived, we need to really speak the truth that is all around us, we can accept things but we can't be so willing to be accepted or so into the going with the flow of what we are living now, that we are compromising not just who we really are, but what is in the Universe and the Universal Laws as well. If we find ourselves bending those Universal Laws we need to really ask ourselves if we are experiencing our Purpose and who we really are beyond this body and place? Or we are just living what this body and place is allowing us to do, just to flow because I don't want to do the work I need on my Soul Path just because bending the Universal Laws is more easy to do than look deeper and understand it from this perspective?

I can continue more and more in this post, but I don't want to overwhelm those who came across with it. I just want to share what is on my mind, what has been my process of thoughts here and there, and how we need to really change the perceptions, based on your foundations in your system beliefs (of course) but still in alignment with what the Universal Laws are. Is time for us to have the guts to transform, to be willing, to be open and then just then we have a chance to transform this place into what it was meant to be a long time ago. Blessings to all of you, hopefully I will be able to do this again soon, and I promise we will start talking more and more about these things more." openly soon.

-Osmara (Malu Readings or Maria Luisa Casillas)

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