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Staying Focus Blog. Another old one from my Patreon blog.

I don't know if this been happening to you tribe but for me the last couple of weeks is been really full of thoughts, energies from everywhere and even that I know what I need to do or accomplish it seems I can't get my self to work or to make anything I am trying to do. I always refers to this moments as I need to flush my energies and just find one thing that help me get back on track.

Sometimes we are so busy with the daily life, with our goals and dreams that we get so excited with other things we do that we just get automatic and our meditations, prayers, visualizations, etc are just something we do because we know we have to do it. So moments like this I just stop and give my self a flush of energies. And I bet you are thinking how in the world I do that right? Well I just put myself to hear some music something that make me dance. And literally I start dancing like crazy so I can flush those energies out of me. Other times I literally imagine myself flushing them you know where lol and ask myself to find one thing that I enjoy doing for myself that I forgot to do and focus just in that. When I re-direct my mind and my way of thinking I found myself being able to focus and to do the job I need to do.

So when life and things gets too busy or to much not because is overwhelmed just because we put ourselves into such high standards that we forget that sometimes energies get stuck in us not allowing us to concentrate. So staying focus sometimes is about re-directing our energy and sometimes is doing nothing and literally making a flush of them so we can have space to process the new ones and the focus and ideas start flowing again.

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