Candles and their use

A lot of us use candles in our rituals, in one of the tools that is kind of a most have, but you know why? Well when we use candles not matter is for a ritual or just to set something in motion we are putting our energies into something specif so the use it of candles will channel that energy. The use of candles in a ritual is an intention that is put to work of something that is wanted or needs to be manifested in our lives or in the life of somebody. It is to use our energies through them for the realization of something physical, mental or material. In addition to the quartz, incense, flowers among other things, the proper use of the colors of the candles for each time a ritual is performed is very important. The colors are associated each with some specific aspects of life, situations, etc.. and using these will help us as maybe other tools we use to give direction, form and harmony to that request and intention that we are asking. Each time we light a candle we are channeling our thoughts, emotions and energies towards that specific something, being that candle the memory of what we have asked is manifested, serving as a channel of our energies for its materialization.

You should always be aware of how the candles burn because they let you know how you feel about that request. When the candle is first lit, if it gives off black smoke, it is a sign that it is beginning to remove the negative energy of its intention or request. When the smoke is white, then your request will be answered but there may be some difficulty in obtaining the request.

A strong flame is a good indication, the candle is working emitting a great amount of power and energy to cause a manifestation of your request. This is a sign that the candle is acting quickly.

A weak or low flame indicates that the candle is working very slowly to remove an obstacle or negative energy, or to bring a positive vibration to your request or intention. You are facing strong opposition to be granted the request; This is an indication that you will have to ask for a slightly longer period before your wish is granted.

A leaping flame may indicate a spiritual or energetic war in your favor. He is working a lot of energy and pure power. If the smoke comes to you, then your prayer is being recognized.

If the smoke is directed in the opposite direction to you, it is a definite sign that you still need perseverance to get your request and that action will be required on your part.

If the smoke is directed to your right you will need a little patience, success will come using the head. If, on the other hand, the smoke is directed to your left, you are becoming too emotionally involved with the situation for which the request is being made and you are endangering the person who can unconsciously sabotage his own request in a way that can not be answered.

Sometimes crisp sounds are heard when the candle is burning. This happens to indicate that the energies or spirit is begging in your favor for your case or that the energies are intervening in your favor. The stronger the crisper the louder the sound will be either the opposition against you or the negative energies you may have.

If the glass is broken, this may indicate depending on the situation, that someone is working against you or sending you with your thoughts bad vibes or negative energies, even though they may be unconscious. If it breaks, it's because it has completely eliminated what might be there.

I hope this note has been useful, taken from several articles and from own experiences. Pending the next note that will be writing about the colors of the candles and their uses or meanings. Blessings.

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