Quartz and gems, their properties relating to the chakras.

In here just some of the ones I worked in the past and the most known.

Amber: Targets the spleen chakra - calms nerves.

Amethyst: Targets both the throat chakra and the brow chakra - enhances inner peace and spirituality, helps battle addictions.

Aquamarine: Targets the heart chakra - enhances strength and a sense of control to fearful situations.

Citrine: Targets the spleen chakra - detoxifies the body, cleanses the aura.

Diamond: Targets the crown chakra - attracts love, harmony, and abundance.

Emerald: Targets the heart chakra - promotes general healing, deepens the significance of and the ability to remember dreams.

Garnet: Targets the root chakra and the heart chakra - inspires imagination and balances energy.

Gold: Target the solar plexus chakra - purifies, heals, lends masculine energy.

Jade: Targets the heart chakra - calming for the eyes, promotes longevity.

Lapis Lazuli: Targets the brow chakra - stimulates the thyroid, increases general perception.

Malachite: Targets the heart chakra - know as "the lucky money stone", also eases asthma.

Moonstone: Targets the spleen chakra - know as "the lucky love stone" also promotes emotional balance.

Onyx: Targets the root chakra - promotes healing during the grief process.

Peridot: Targets the heart chakra - stimulates emotional growth and new opportunities.

Quartz: Targets any and all of the chakras - can be programmed for a variety of purposes.

Ruby: Targets the heart chakra - stimulates circulation, can also inadvertently create anger in others by disrupting their field of energy.

Sapphire: Targets the throat and brow chakras - highly spiritual, also helps achieve goals.

Silver: Targets any and all the chakras - great energy conductor, lends feminine energy.

Tanzanite: Targets the brow chakra - stimulates spiritual insights.

Turquoise: Targets the throat chakra - beneficial to the upper respiratory system.

It is a myth that opals bring bad luck. They don't. Nothing does, unless you believe it does. But opals do intensify both positive and negative emotions. So they really are worth avoiding if your're going through grief, or if you're prone to chronic depression. #gemstones #quartz #quartzandchakras #chakras

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