First I would like to explain what it is a Ritual. A ritual is a series of actions or practices based on an ideology or religious belief among others. Here I will focus on the basics all of us should know about how to perform a ritual or rituals. Each religious belief has its own ways or forms to carry out its rituals or practices, for example burn sage in a way or prepare the altar or how to say somethings, etc. But beyond what each of them carries as a belief or practice there are some details that no matter what you practice are necessary and important when we do a ritual.

Among these basic or primordial things we intend. Intention is one of them it is the reason, the motive that drives us, to give thanks or ask for something. It is the most important thing within a ritual since without an intention it will be a loss of energy. Not to mention that this among all the tools is the most important because no matter how many tools you have and how well you do your ritual if your intention is not well worn or is not pure, maybe it would not happen or the results will not be productive. And when I say pure it is not because you simply do not want anyone bad, but that it is an intention that is born from the heart. For example, you really feel grateful, that what you ask for is not for ego or for wanting to excel, but what you are asking for is important for you and your loved ones or something necessary and not thinking about everything you could achieve if I have this or the other. When you ask for only what you need, you will be rewarded but if you ask for anything else you will only be given to resolve the situation or it may not be granted.

Then there is us; yes, each one of us, our mind, our bodies and auras are another tool since, we are where the energy comes out and is our energy what we put it in motion. Therefore, it is very important to be clean of any negative energy when performing a ritual. How can we do it? First keep the mind empty of negative thoughts and not let our needs and / or feelings guide us and using the words well and correctly so that our intention is heard positively. Then at the discretion of each of you, you could do a cleansing bath of energy that will serve to cleanse the body and the aura of all negativity, there are several very good ones, depending on what you look for.

Here I just wanted to give you a little more information and tools that we sometimes overlook when doing or practicing our beliefs, do not forget that it is not how great the ritual it is but how well it is carried and that it is carried from the heart and without harming anyone. I hope this article is to your liking and help, blessings to all.

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