Spells, incantations, and more

Lately, I have been asked repeatedly what are spells, incantations or hex or jinx? And if they work or not? But before answering these questions I want to explain their differences and others.

Let's start with the fact that spells, as they are called, are the mixture of words, written or unsaid to create or magically get something. And the way to do it (ritual) will depend on the religion in which it is practiced. The reality according to my point of view and experience, is that spells are something you can do in any place or time you want without the need for a ritual, but I accept that doing a ritual gives more strength because is going to be more focused and with no obstructions of any kind. Ok with this already said, yes we can have a Spell Through incantations, etc... so that's why I give you some of the things you can do through these different way. In here I leave the definitions of until now I know of this topic and help you understand a little bit about certain terminologies in this field. I admit that it is easier demonstrate that try to explain but I hope this information will help.

1. Enchantments- basically can say they are a kind of hymn or prayer in the way words are pronounced. It is widely used in rituals to cast spells on objects and even people.

2. Hex-this is the negative part of a charm or spell, basically is to do a ritual and cast spells to hurt someone. This is something that I never recommend to do or practice since the energy you will use is something serious. (black magic). And everything you do it would be return to you in a worst way.

3. Magic-are rituals, symbols, actions, gestures or words used to create something using the power of natural forces.

4.Invocations- also is known to the call of natural forces, such of them can be angels, spiritual guides, Elemental, etc ...

Already explained the basics in terms of spells and others, I proceed to answer the questions I asked at the beginning of this post, that I made. To me, spells is a method where words, energies around us and even our energies are used, to manipulate the outcome of situations, ask for something we wants or just to help someone we love without hurting anyone forces. And if the Universe want it and is doing in the right way then it would be granted. I've always said this rituals just give us, sometimes the little push we need, to focus and have faith that it would happens, that we have the control or the power to create and make things happens besides, spells are the best way to stay focused on what we want. Answering that if they work?, my answer is definitely yes and maybe you would said well I did this ritual or spell and it didn't work I would tell you yes, sometimes they are not meant to work, and when it does is due to do with three things. First, it was not meant be for us, but is going to give us always in return us what we really needed; Two maybe it didn't work because we didn't ask clearly and the words we use in our invocation was not the best or the most accurate and; Third finally we did it for the wrong reasons or we invoke the wrong forces to help us with whatever we asked. But not matter if it work or not the experience we receive and the learning is still part of the process and let us to keep working with clear and clean energy. In later posts in my fan page I would be posting simple spells so they can begin.

I hope you have been pleased, blessings to all.

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